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Hedgehog Group

Following on from the phonics checks this week the children in this group will continue their work in Phase 3. This week they will learn the new phonemes - oa, oo/oo, ar.

(Please note that the 'oo' makes both a long (n-oo-n) and a short sound (b-oo-k). Please see Cartoonito sheets below for more guidance.)


Maybe you could have a go at writing some words containing these digraphs. Sample words: goat, boat, look, good, boot, food, car, bark.


This week we will also be learning to spell the tricky words - no, go.


Below you will find some Jolly Phonics Cartoonito Sheet for reinforcement of these sounds and the corresponding actions. Please work on formation of the sounds in a  joined style. You could also have a go at adding the sound buttons to the 'Yes/No Questions' then see if you can read and sort them.