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Wednesday 29th September


In English today, we are thinking like assessors and trying to look closely at a piece of  writing and focusing on the positives and negatives about that writing through:

  • punctuation
  • grammar
  • spelling
  • word choices
  • handwriting


First, make a list of the parts of writing in Year 3 that made a good writer.

Read the text carefully and write a list of things which were good and things which could be improved in the text. This will help you to be a more VISIBLE LEARNER. The text is a diary entry written by Ruskin.


Things which were goodThings which could be improved










MATHEMATICS: counting in 25s continued.

Finish yesterday's work on counting in 25s. If you have, read through the power point and start your deep dive with the first questions on the sheet. If you can do this easily, move to the second...then, third. The answers are attached too.



This afternoon, we are comparing a Victorian map of Brewood with a modern map.

The Victorian map is below.

Can you find a modern map of Brewood online ( and compare them to find things which are the same and different e.g. roads, canal, housing etc?

Make a list of similar and different things you have found.