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This page is for children who have parents that are keyworkers. When your parents are at work you will be coming to school. School will feel a little different, but we are sure that you will all learn some new rules and routines quickly and will adjust to this new way of working.


To keep you safe we have had to make a few changes, but some things will stay the same.


You will come to school between 8.45 and 8.55 on the days that you attend. You will still be based in Doves Class, so will come into school in the usual way. Please make sure your adult wears a mask, holds your hand and brings you to class. Please can parents ensure that they remain behind the line and socially distance from staff and other parents at all times. The school day will end at 3.15.


It will not always be the same members of staff in everyday, but they will be familiar.


You will need to wear your school uniform. Please make sure that you wear layers of clothing as the room is well ventilated, there will be lots of outdoor play and it sometimes gets very cold.


Each day you will only need to bring in your filled water bottle and coat. A sandwich lunch will be provided in school, and you will choose your filling each day. On the first day, we ask that you bring in a pencil case from home. This will remain in school. Please ensure that pencil cases are a suitable size and named. Inside your pencil case please include a pencil, some felt tip pens and if possible a glue stick. We will provide a pair of scissors.


You will not need to wear your PE kit on any days, but will take part in regular outdoor play.


When working in the classroom, you will work at separate work stations and will be encouraged to socially distance. Please see photographs below.


Please contact us via email: if you have any further enquiries.


Take care and stay safe,

Doves Staff