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Friday 21st January


Mrs Norris' Thursday Group:

Practice your word list from Mrs Norris.

Mrs Lamond's Friday Group:

Practice your words from Mrs Lamond.

Mrs Jackman's Friday Group:

  • Ask someone at home to test you on your spelling from this week.
  • Read through the power point below and complete the activity. These words will be your words for next Friday's test.

MATHEMATICSTarget  times tables




We are learning more about the torah scrolls

Last week we started a topic on the Jews. Work through the first few slides on the powerpoint and hopefully it will remind about what we discussed last week. Then on slide 4 there is a link to a video about Jews and how they worship. The next few slides focus on the Torah Scrolls. 

Task - produce a factfile about the Torah Scrolls. You can choose how you lay this out.