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Wednesday 1st July 2020


Comment allez vous? Although that is in French you should be able to tell that it is a question because it has a .... question mark on the end. Today you are going to think  about and write some questions ready to ask your new class teacher. ARRRGH!

I can not believe how quickly the year has gone and that you will be moving to Year 2 in September, but things change and move on and I think we are all coping with change extremely well at the moment.

Let's take a look at the learning I would like you complete today.

English: Toady we are learning to ask relevant questions. Spend some time thinking about the different punctuation we can end a sentence with- full stop, exclamation mark and question mark. Can you think of a sentence about Mr Smith that would end with a full stop? What about a sentence about Mr Smith that would end with an exclamation mark? Finally what questions would you like to ask Mr Smith about life in Year 2? Make a list and when we talk to Mr Smith at the end of the week you can find out the answers.

Spelling: Toady we are going to think adding the suffix -ing to the end of words. When would we use it what impact does it have on a sentence? Read through the powerpoint together and then complete the activity sheet.

Maths: Today we are going to learn to estimate using a standard unit of time. Recap on all the different ways we have learnt to tell the time. days, months, seasons, hours, minutes, seconds, afternoon, morning, evening and night. Which is the shortest time? Which is the longest time? How long is a minute? Tell the children they are going to guess how long a minute is. Start timing. When they think a minute is up ask them to stand up. Who was close to the minute? Who was a long way off a minute? repeat the activity but tell the children you will tell them when a minute is up. Did they think a minute was a long or a short amount of time? Could they stand on one leg for a minute? Could they hold their breath for one minute? Give them some task to do in one minute. Guess how many of each thing they could do first and then try. E.G. How many times can you write your name in a minute? How many numbers to 100 could you write in a minute? How many star jumps could you do in a minute? Record the results in the table.

Topic: Today we are going to where the hot and cold climates of the world are? What do you think a climate is? Where do you think the hottest/coldest parts of the world are? Work through the powerpoint together and then colour the world map according to the climate. Now can you stick the animals in the correct habitat climate.

Finish the day with some quiet reading.

Have fun.

Mrs Lloyd