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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Science in progress.

What a wedding cake!

What a busy week!

Hi Guys,

Wow, what great photos of your science experiments. You all look well equipped! I never thought that your wedding cake designs would get made into a real wedding cake. What a colourful cake it was! It is lovely to see that the things we are doing at school are also being done at home. We all did the coin ordering, fabulous.

Anyway onto today's learning.

English:Today we are going to make puppets so that we can act our pretend wedding. Talk about the key roles in a wedding. Explain that the children are going to draw them into the template and write the characters role underneath in the box. fold the little tabs back to make the character stand up. 

You need to create: Bride, Groom, Vicar, Best man,  Father of the Bride, Bridesmaid.

Phonics/spelling: Today we are learning to recognise and create compound words. Explain that a compound word is one word that has been made up from 2 words. foot + ball = football. Work through the halloween powerpoint (sorry it is not seasonal!) and discuss different aspects. Then complete the activities. Can the children think of their own compound words? Are they real or made up? eg, earball

Maths: Today we are going to work out how much we have got when we used a mixture of coins. Talk about how yesterday we counted coins that were all the same. They were 2ps or 5ps or 10ps. Today we are going to work out how much we have got when we use a mixture of coins. It may be easier to count in tens or ones. Look at the powerpoint together then get three or four coins of low value. Can the children work out how much they have got? Swap a coin for a higher value. Keep swapping a coin. When you think thy have got it can they complete the activity sheet?

Topic: Today we are going to sort animals according to what they eat. Recap on our learning so far. We have named animals, named the group animals belong to and then sorted them according to similarities and differences. Today we are going to sort them based on what they eat. Work through the powerpoint (last one of the day, I promise!) Look at the sorting sets. What do carnivore, herbivore and omnivore mean? Can the children draw some animals that belong to the different sets?  

Finish the day with some quiet reading.

Have a good day and I will speak to you again tomorrow.