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This week we are recalling events from the Christmas holiday/Christmas time. We will be talking about what we did, our favourite presents and any exciting events or activities we enjoyed. You might like to talk about your time together.


Then we will be asking the children to draw a picture and write a sentence about something that happened during the Christmas holiday. This could be something you did together or maybe a sentence about a favourite present!


Encourage your child to say their sentence several times to help them remember it as they write. Support them to use finger spaces correctly and encourage them to hear and write sounds in words with as much independence as they can (they do not need to spell words correctly, just use their phonics and write as many sounds as they can hear). Can they add a full stop at the end of their sentence too?


Ask your child to read back their writing.


We have attached a template that you may wish to use but a piece of paper from home is fine too.