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Dinosaur Excavation!

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Ordinal numbers
Number sentences
Lots of learning
Practical maths
Measuring dinosaurs
Dinosaur number bonds
Solving number problems
Measuring  our a dinosaur claw
How big were they?
Super reading
Dinosaur racing
Drawing and labeling a dinosaur
Writing words containing digraphs
Fantastic dinosaur facts
Fascinating viewing
Research using an iPad
Exploring information
Ordinal numbers
More number bonds
Careful measuring
Labeling a dinosaur
Measuring dinosaurs
Fact finding
Lots of information
Number bonds
Number problems
Practical maths - Super!
Taking away
Number line subtraction
Fantastic writing
Mrs Ball's Challenge
Colourful crafts
Stained glass windows
More fantastic writing
Tricky words
Using my phonic skills
Beautiful stained glass windows
Writing dinosaur facts
Dinosaur maths!
Non-fiction reading
Number ordering
Dinosaur Research
A stained glass window design
A super design with a cross symbol
Such neat work!
Super writing!
Interesting facts
Playdough - Fine motor skills
Subtraction problems
Super sentences
Dinosaur facts
Careful weaving
Roll and colour maths
Labelling dinosaurs
Recording dinosaur research ...
... some more ...
... and more!
Dinosaur facts
2 syllable word spelling
Dinosaur games
Practising letter formation
Spelling 'tricky words'
A rainbow pterodactyl
Careful labeling
Very neat tracing
Tricky word practise
Number formation
Making a Bug Hotel
I wonder which bugs will cosy up in here?!
Volcano experiment!
Making dinosaur fossils
Outdoor learning - natural art
Measuring carefully
Counting sweets
Exploring the garden
Making a 'bird hotel'
It's ready for the birds!
Making a stained glass window
Beautiful colours
Numbers to 20
Counting to 20
...and comparing numbers
Great mixing
Dinosaur fossils
Neat writing
Super science experiments
More fantastic fossils
What will happen next?
Will it erupt?
Playing a number game
Science experiments
Making a vocano
Making dinosaur fossils
Look how they turned out!
Making a bug hotel
Numbers to 20
What does 14 look like?
Play-dough dinosaur creations
More homes for those bugs!
Another wonderful bug hotel
Reading and matching dinosaur clues
Learning numbers to 20
Cut and stick dinosaur skeleton
Dinosaur maths
All about 20
Making fossils
A dinosaur swamp!
Fantastic writing
Phonics Monopoly
Selecting resources
Natural art
Bugs welcome!
Dot-to-dots - number order
Maths maths maths!
All about 16
Yummy dinosaur biscuits
Careful cutting and sticking
Outdoor Learning Day
Making a face with natural resources
Making faces
Super outdoor learning
Natural materials
Amazing faces!
Non-fiction writing
Phonics practise
Lots of dinosaurs
Careful measuring
VE Day Celebrations
Mrs Hopkins has been celebrating too!
Healthy pancakes
Wartime recipes - Pancakes
More Pancakes!
Researching VE Day
VE Day Bunting!
VE Day key words
VE Day Bunting
VE Day Bunting
Beautiful Colouring
A Spitfire!
Getting ready to celebrate!
Symmetrical printing
More beautiful bunting!
Researching VE day
VE Day medals
A Spitfire model
Beautiful decorations
More beautiful colouring
What a fabulous medal design!
Great teamwork
A Lego Spitfire model
Lollipop stick Spitfire models
Beautiful decorations
VE Day weaving
Rainbow Bunting
Working together with family
What fantastic decorations!
... and some more!
Finding out about Spitfires
Family History
More super bunting!
A VE Day medal design
War time recipe - chocolate cake
A medal design
A Spitfire picture
Wonderful bunting designs
More VE Day medals
More super writing
Making a model Spitfire
A Lancaster Bomber model
And another!
A beautiful cake
VE Day baking - Yummy!
What am I thankful for?
Thankfulness jar
All ready for my VE Day celebrations
Celebrating in the sunshine
Bank holiday bike ride
Colouring bunting
Careful folding
Word building

Finding out about family and the Second World War

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The life cycle of a butterfly - AMAZING!

Writing a Retell

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Super maths work!

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Very Hungry Caterpillar inspired Lego fruit
Thankfulness jar challenge!
Adding more mini-beasts
Researching a mantis shrimp!
Phonics - yes/no questions
Using a 10 frame
Counting on
Recording as number sentences
Writing a retell
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
A tiny little caterpillar!
I wonder how big it will grow?
Responding to the story
A family bike ride
Enjoying the sunshine
Number bonds
Part, part, whole
Thankfulness jar challenge
Exploring symmetry
Computer work
Super walks!
What beautiful flowers
Writing a book review
Repeated patterns
Butterfly symmetry
Writing a retell
Addition game
Hunting for spiders
Home grown lettuce!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar story beginning ...
... continued!
A repeating pattern robot
Story writing
Fruit and vegetable caterpillars
Caterpillar seed trays for cress seeds
A super retell!
Sharing a story
Creating a book
Wonderful story writing
Thank You NHS
Maths game fun!
Den Building
What are you thankful for?
Hungry caterpillar made from a sleeping bag!
Tricky words
.... continued
Hungry Caterpillar snacks - Yummy!
How much did the hungry caterpillar eat?
Making patterns
Tiny cards
Frozen eggs
Beautiful flowers
Birthday cards
Chocolate lollipops
Sweet treats!
Food Sorting
Healthy or Unhealthy?
Missing numbers
Writing a retell
Beautiful illustrations
A wonderful story retell
Addition problems
A beautiful butterfly
Delicate work
Beautiful bugs!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Retold

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Mini-beast Movement!

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Easter and Spring