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Thursday 20th January


  • 20 minutes reading and 20 minutes practicing times tables ( maybe on TT ROCKSTARS)



WALT: correctly use year 3 rules of speech and learn the new year 4 rules.


Complete the work from yesterday (INVERTED COMMAS BOOKLET).

Then, watch the Teaching Video below to prepare you for next week's Year 4 rules of speech.


WALT: multiply 4 digits by 1 digit.

Let's move your learning on today and multiply thousands numbers by 1 digit. 

  • Watch today's teaching video. The activity I have added is not the same as the video mentions so, just watch and try the activity I have added.
  • Mark your answers.
  • If you are feeling SUPER CONFIDENT after that, try the EXTENTION TASK.


WALT:  produce a spreadsheet to help understand place value. 

Follow through the powerpoint. You will need your PurpleMash log in. Click on the links in the powerpoint to access the tasks. 



Do some physical activity of your choice. Play outside in the garden, do some Just Dance routine, do some Jo Wicks work outs, ....

Remember to make sure you are safe.