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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Wow Puffins,

How good was that snow? I hope you had lots of fun in it and that there were no bangs or bumps. Well school was closed yesterday so I was at home like you guys, doing home learning preparation. I can't work out whether it made me nice and kind in setting easy or MEAN and VICIOUS and setting work so hard you will have steam coming out of your ears. (Please let me know if that happens-evidence needed!)

Well today we are going to write our story about Eddy and his Teddy. Remember beautiful sentences and use Mr. Marker at the end to check. In maths we are going to be comparing number sentences and, in phonics, we will continue with igh alternatives. If you haven't completed your 'Wonderful Weekly Work' I have given you some time this afternoon to do it. I have had some fantastic pictures and videos of you trying out the new 'Get Set' activities. They are definitely worth doing and they are great fun.

Have a wonderful day.

Stay safe.

Mrs Lloyd