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Friday 1st October


Set a timer for 3 minutes.
Choose the sheet below. If you are targeting an in order table, use that sheet and the other if your targets his week is out of order.

If when you have completed your target and have marked your answers, you have scored 37/40 or above, decide which table you will focus on for next week and if it will be in or out of order.
If you scored below 37, think about where you went wrong and focus on that table again for next week.
When that is done, click on the link below for
Choose your target table for next week and follow the 5 step practice activities.

Today is you spelling test day.
Ask someone to test you on your spelling list. How did you get on?

When you have finished your test, below  is today’s spelling lesson.
Read through the power point and complete the activities. 



This week we are beginning our new unit of work on Coding. You will have done coding in Year 3 so this week we will revisit 2code on Purplemash and try to remember some of the skills we learned in Year 3. 


Log on to PurpleMash 

Go to tools

Click on 2code

Click on 2code Gibbon 

Now see what you remember - what can you do? 



This week in history, we have started to learn about the Victorians.

Can you copy the Victorian portrait below?

Use a pencil and try to create the different shades and tones so that it looks as close the the photograph as you can.