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This week we will be learning the digraph 'oi'. Please complete the Jolly Phonics Cartoonito sheet below and work on quick recall of the sound and action. See if you can form the digraph in a joined style and position on a line.


We will also be learning the trigraph 'ear'. Please note that there is no Jolly Phonics Cartoonito sheet for this sound. The action that we use in school is using a pointy finger to touch our ear as we say the sound. Maybe an adult could say some of the following words for you and you could have a go at writing them. Remember, don't worry if you cannot hear all of the sounds, just write down as many as you can and be as independent as possible. Sample words: ear, dear, hear, fear, near, beard, coin, boil, poison, join.


In addition we will be working on reading captions. We have included some sentences for reading below. Remember before you try to read them, circle the tricky words and add the sound buttons to help. Good luck laugh