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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Some great rainbow experiments. Well done!

Hi Everyone,

Wow that rainbow experiment worked really well. I am glad you sent me the photos. It's turned a bit cooler today and our plants and gardens need a drop of rain. I do like the sunshine though. 

Half way through the week and here is today's learning.


English - Today I would like you to design a Joe Wicks workout. It must have 10 different exercises in and it must work your legs, arms and tummy muscles. Watch (or do!) a Joe Wicks workout so that you know the exercises he uses. Present you workout in pictures and sentences and don't forget your warm up and cool down.

Phonics - Today we are going to revise the 'igh' altenatives. How many different ways can you remember? Write them down. How many times can you write them in 1 minute? Now complete the activity sheet.What words use the different forms?

Maths- Today we are partitioning 2 digit numbers. Think about how many tens and ones are in different numbers from the 100 square. We can show these in lots of different ways. Pictures, part part whole models and words. Work through the power point and then have a go at the activity sheet.

Topic - Today we are learning name different animals, name the group they belong to and think of an interesting fact about them. Look at the powerpoint about the different groups animals belong to. Then Look at the video clip. Choose 6 animals. Cut them out. Name the animal, the group they belong to and an interesting fact about each of them.


Wow that's enough for today I think. Have a great day.

Mrs Lloyd