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This week the children will be learning the new phonemes - or, ur, ow.


(Please note that their are no Jolly Phonics Cartoonito Sheets for ur and ow. However, there are actions - for 'ur' the children bend their arms out in front of them and rotate one over the other like a mixer. For 'ow' the children point their index finger and prick the opposite finger as if pricking with a needle, whilst saying 'ow'. Hopefully the children will be able to demonstrate these actions at home for you. Also 'or' is taught alongside the 'ee' sound, see sheet below.)


Please practise quick recall of these sound and work on forming these digraphs correctly in a joined style. We have also included some additional sheets for support, but sadly the digraphs are not joined. The children can hopefully show you how they have been taught to join them together. The 'oi' sheet can be kept safe in preparation for next week.


We will also be working on spelling two syllable words. See if you can clap the syllables first e.g. tur/nip and then take each syllable in turn and segment the sounds e.g. 'tur' - t-ur, 'nip' - n-i-p. This will help the children to identify more sounds in more complex words. Sample words: chicken, jacket, velvet, wicked, zigzag, liquid, tonight, boatman, rooftop, market, farmyard.


We also be learning to read the tricky word: you.


We have included some sentences for reading below. Don't forget to add the sound buttons and circle any tricky words before reading.