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Wonderful Weekly Work Email by 26.2.21



Your WWW this week is all about 2D & 3D shapes as we revise and develop our knowledge of geometry.


The first activity you should try to complete is the 2D Shape Sorting activity. It would be great if you could complete all 5 sheets but 3 will be sufficient.



Now for the fun part. You are going to go on a 3D shape hunt around your house/garden. Children in school can do this in the class and playground. You need to find as many objects that are made from 3D shapes as possible and fill in the 3D shape Hunt Sheet as you go.

Finally now you have had a good search of those 3D shapes, you can start to identify that they can come in many different styles and sizes!! I would like you to draw some of the objects that you found that were made up of the 3D shapes that you searched for. You can compete the sheet below or create your own poster. It's up to you!!



Here are some super fun 2D & 3D colouring sheets to keep you busy. These are optional extra activity. You could even use these as part of your mindfulness colouring this week if you like. yes