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Tuesday 7th December


In class today, we are looking at non-fiction (information) books and answering questions about that book.

Choose a non fiction book that you have at home and answer the questions on the sheets.



Today in class, we are focusing on multiplying by 7.

Have a practice on paper to see if you can write 1x7  to 12 x 7.

The, choose the level you would like to complete from the sheet. Green being less challenging.

Mark your answers.


DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: Our Victorian Biscuit Bake Off.

This afternoon, we are cooking in school so, you can do the same at home so that you don't miss out (I hope you will have some of the ingredients...frown).

Yesterday, you will have completed the Design Booklet up to page 5.

Today, you can cook your Victorian biscuits and complete the booklet from page 5 to the end.

Email me some photos of your final product, along with the name and the extra ingredients you used and I will share them with the class.

Happy cooking!wink