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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Hi Puffins,

How are you today? I hope you have thawed out, I was absolutely freezing yesterday! Can you believe the difference a weekend makes! Some fabulous work completed yesterday on telling the time and creating some fantasy character fact files.

We are going to do more work on time, fact files and fantasy today. 

Have fun.

Mrs Lloyd


English: Today we are learning to create a fact file of ourselves. Think about the information you used in your fantasy character fact file. It would be useful if Mr Smith gets to know something about you before September. Some of you will see Mr Smith at the end of the week but some of you will not see him until September. Create a fact file about yourself. If there is something you would like him to know put in. If you are at home if you could email your fact files I will make sure Mr Smith receives them. There is a template for you to follow if you want to.

Spelling: Today we are learning turn words into the past tense by adding -ed. Work through the powerpoint together discussing what happens to the words when we add -ed to the end of a word. Use the activity sheet to change the words and put them into a sentence.

Maths: Today we are going to reason and problem solve with o'clock and half past times. Ensure that your child is secure with recognising and drawing the time before you move onto this concept. If not please do some more work on reading the times. Top marks has a good educational clock to help you. If you are happy work through the different problems on the powerpoint before the children try and solve them independently from the activity sheet.

Topic: It's Tuesday so it must be computing. If you are at home you can go on your favourite programme from purple mash and create a spreadsheet, an animated story or an algorithm. If you are in school think about all the things we have talked about in ICT over the last couple of weeks. Technology helps us. What would you invent to help us? Let you imagination take you into a fantasy world whereany invention is possible. Draw, label and describe how it helps us.

Finish with some quiet reading if you are at home.

If you are in school- 'use your Imagination' complete the next part in our music course.

Hope you have a fantastic day.