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Wonderful Weekly Work

Welcome to the next piece of 'Wonderful Weekly Work'. This piece of work is special because I would like you all to send me a copy of what you do by Wednesday at 3pm please. I can then look to see how brilliantly you are working at home.

Remember the new email address is:


WB: 18.05.20

This week I would like to know all about a party you have been to. It may be a recent party (VE day), or one that happened a while ago (birthday, wedding, anniversary).


Research it carefully. What type of party was it? Who went? Where did it take place? Who invited you? What did you wear? What did you do while you were there? How did you feel?

Find pictures and make notes of the key bits of information.

Then present me with all the information. You may want to do a powerpoint, or pictures with captions or a written recount of the event.


This is your English activity for the next couple of days. Have fun reminiscing.






WB: 11.05.20

This week I would like to create an art gallery of Vincent Van Gogh paintings on our class page.

Have a look at all his different paintings and also the way he has painted them.

Which one is your favourite? Why? How does it make you feel?

Try and recreate the painting in the style of Van Gogh and send it to me with an short explanation of why you chose it, the things it makes you think of and how it makes you feel.






WB: 04.05.20

This week we commemorate VE day. What is VE day and why are remembering it.

Read through the powerpoint and find out. Research all about VE day on the 'Kiddle' search engine.

Sent me the information about VE day however you would like to. It may be in video form, you may want to do a poster, a book, information on bunting or a hat. You choose- Be Creative, Be Inventive, Be Informative and sent it to me.

Have Fun.





WB: 27.04.20

Today we are thinking about turn a number into equal groups. This is the beginning of division.


Get 10 objects. Can the children group them into 2’s?

How many groups of 2 do they have?

Repeat by making groups of 5.  I have ? equal groups of 5.

Now try equal groups of 10, followed by equal groups of 1

Now try 20 objects. What equal groups can you make? Record your findings.




WB: 20.04.20

I would like you all to write about your Easter holiday in sentences, remembering your capital letters, full stops and neat presentation. Use your purple books to record it in

To make it a little bit more fun you can write me some sentences that are true but you can also write me some sentences that are completely made up.

For Example:

In the Easter holidays it was my son's 18th birthday and we tried to make it a special day with balloons and a disco at home.

Then we took a silver rocket to the moon and bounced about really high in the rocks.


Which sentence was fact and which sentence was fiction?

Have a go and if you would like a challenge try and extend your sentences using :

and    with    but    because     with