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This week we would like you to start by thinking about what endangered means?

What is an 'endangered animal'? What does 'extinct' mean?

Look at the ‘All About Extinct Animals PowerPoint’ and together explore the ‘Endangered Animals Information Cards’. 


Why do you think these animals are endangered? What dangers do they face? How can we keep animals safe? What can we do? 

Use the WWF website to research animals that are endangered (you may like to focus on the African elephant, mountain gorilla, and tiger).


Look at some examples of posters (see the Eco Poster Pack below). What is a poster? What is a poster for? Discuss how a poster can be used to share an important message. Talk about the main features – pictures/photos, a slogan, captions, information (brief), eye catching.


Design a poster to help save an endangered species. We have included some examples for you to give you ideas (Tiger and Gorilla Posters). You may like to choose from tiger, elephant or gorilla. Draw a picture of your chosen animal. Include the animal’s name on the poster and a slogan, e.g. Save the tigers. Add some detail (facts/information) about the animal. 


*Parents please support and encourage your children to sound out words and write the sounds that they hear. We encourage the children to write in this way rather than copying words so that they are spelt correctly. For example, the children may write ‘sc’ for ‘snake’, ‘elft’ for ‘elephant’ or ‘lighun’ for ‘lion’, this is what we would want and expect to see rather than correctly spelt words that the children have been shown. Some children may only hear the initial sound in a word such as ’m’ for ‘monkey’ and may need to be shown what this letter looks like in order to write it. Please support and encourage your child to work in this way.*