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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning all,

How did your science experiment go yesterday? Was it good fun? Did you manage to make fireworks in a glass?

It's Tuesday so it must be ... computing! It's the last lesson in our block on coding so I hope you have enjoyed it.

I was very cold yesterday I think it was warmer outside than in the classroom. Fingers crossed that it gets warmer today. Right what have you got for today's home learning?

English/RE - To learn the features of a Christian wedding. Building on from yesterday we are going to focus on a Christian wedding. Have the children ever been to one? If so whose was it, where was it etc..? Can you find some pictures? Work through the powerpoint together discussing key aspects. Next look at the clip of the royal weeding. Can the children identify the different roles and features they see? When you are done can they complete the activity sheet, drawing and labeling the main characters and where it takes place and then writing about the other features of a Christian wedding. Remember to keep your writing neat and to start sentences with capital letters and full stops.


Phonics- Today we are going to revise all the different air alternatives. Read through the powerpoint together. Read and write the words carefully. Now complete the air and are wordsearch.


Maths- today we are learning to positon 2 digit numbers on a blank numberline. In the powerpoint  the children have got to try and work out which number the arrow is pointing to. How do they know? What clues have they got? In the activitiy sheet I suggest the children mark all the multiples of 10 before they try to position the stated number. If they can correct postion the number between the correct multiples of 10 great. For more of a challenge think about where in the gap the number would be positioned, ie:closer to the middle, nearer the left multiple or  nearer the right multiple.


Topic:  Today we are learning to add sound and interactivity between objects. Follow the instructions to add further instructions and interaction.

Save your work.


I hope you have a great day. Don't forget to get some exercise and to do some reading. Samuel has put together a good exercise plan if you would like to follow it. I am! Thanks Samuel.

Take care

Mrs Lloyd


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